BeachLab returns to Aberystwyth Waterfront to celebrate robotics creativity

Robots from steampunk submarines are set to return to the Aberystwyth waterfront for the first time in three years as BeachLab welcomes back downtown.

The popular annual celebration of all things robotics attracts thousands of people from all over the country to play with them and learn how robots are used in various fields. It displays the creativity of the field, with robots covering land, sea and air.

The Robot Parade, which takes place at Aberystwyth Bandstand on June 18, also includes creations of Doctor Who inspired by father and son team Stephen and Thomas Verne, as well as Dizzy the steampunk R2D2 and BB-8 from Star Wars.

Over the years BeachLab has seen some notable contributions, including the first public performance of a robotic orchestra, which was shown at the Royal Institutions Christmas Lecture and broadcast on the BBC.

This event is part of Aberystwyth University’s contribution to UK Robotics Week (18-24 June). In addition to the opportunity to witness some of the latest robotic developments at the university, there will also be workshops and activities held during the week, providing tips and guidance on building and programming robots.

Dr. Patricia Shaw, organizer of Aberystwyth University Robotics Week, said: “We are thrilled to bring BeachLab back to its rightful home at Aberystwyth Waterfront. It is an important university tradition that gives the public an opportunity to get hands-on experience of what we do at the university and what robots can do. It shows how The ability of robots far exceeds what people think they can do, whether it’s in healthcare, exploration, or safety and security.

“The University of Aberystwyth is the UK’s leading center for robotics research and events like this are essential to capture the imaginations of young people. They can get hands-on training with our robotics team, talk to the people who built them, and enjoy the different activities we offer. Some of them will go on to become researchers in The robotics field of tomorrow, bringing benefits to society that we can only dream of today.”

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