Prepare a delicious recipe for Carlota de mango

La Carlota de mango is a simple dessert to prepare, discover it in this note.

Prepare this easy-to-make recipe to sweeten your weekend.

Start the weekend and what better way to prepare this delicious recipe to share with family, friends or as a couple. In addition, it is easy to make because it is not necessary to use the oven.

But we tell you, a little of this rich dessert. The charlotte or charlotte, in its French name, is a typical Gallic dessert that is identified by having a sponge or biscuit base, with a filling similar to mousse. It is served cold, it is easy to make and it is delicious. This dessert can be made in various flavors, although the most popular charlotte in the world is the lemon one.

So, we suggest you make a mango charlotte, very fresh for these hot days, very rich in flavor and with the appeal that this type of cake brings, surrounded by biscuits or cookies. If you are one of those who like to make their own desserts, don’t hesitate to read on to discover how to make a mango charlotte.


  • 1 unit Mango Pulp only pulp
  • 32 units Vanilla Cookie


1. In a blender, add milk, more condensed milk, mango pulp and lemon juice. Process and reserve.

2. In a 30 cm x 20 cm rectangular dish, put a layer of cookies and a third of the mixture. Repeat this process 2 times. And refrigerate 8 minutes.

Tip: If you want to decorate it you can use mint leaves.

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