Prepare this drink that will raise your body temperature

There is nothing better to warm up the body on cold days than a strong hot drink, as is the case with the exquisite drink, the caspiroleta.

Caspiroleta, a traditional recipe from Peru that is currently not well known, but contains a great flavor. (Photo: Google)

If you are looking for a simple, economical recipe that tastes good, then the Caspiroleta is a good choice for you. On the other hand, this recipe can be made with or without alcohol, so that children and the sick can consume it. However, if you want to add alcohol, it can be pisco or brandy.

On the other hand, although his name is not so well known today, the Caspiroleta It is a traditional drink from Peru, which helps us keep our body warm and beat the intense cold of the morning.

Next, Magazine 247gives you the recipe for this exquisite drink, so you can prepare it at home and surprise your family.


1. 1 1/2 cups. fresh milk

2. 1 cinnamon stick

3. 2 tbsp. honey or sugar

4. 1 egg

5. 1/3 cup. pisco or brandy

6. 2 drops of vanilla

7. nutmeg

8. cinnamon powder


In a pot, heat the milk with the cinnamon and the sugar. Don’t let it boil.

On the other hand, separate the white with the yolk and beat each one by hand.

Once the white reaches the point of snow, add the yolk, the liquor and the vanilla and continue beating.

Remove the milk from the heat and pour it into the mixture of eggs and pisco. As you add the milk, keep beating.

Finish by serving in heatproof cups and sprinkle with spices.

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