Rugby stars and entrepreneur unite to launch health and fitness app

Two prominent Welsh rugby players and an entrepreneur have completed a successful round of investment to support the relaunch of a fitness app that will revolutionize the way people access sports and leisure services in Wales.

Fitap is an innovative search platform that connects gym owners, personal trainers, gyms, health and fitness providers with consumers at the touch of a button.

Founded by Alex Cuthbert and Gareth Anscombe, Welsh rugby union players, in partnership with Welsh CEO and entrepreneur Dean Jones, the app is unique and will enable users to search for services in their area, saving time and money and offering options they may never have come across before.

Those who download the Fitap app – which offers free advertising space for fitness professionals until January 2023 – can create a profile and select options tailored to their specific requirements, geographic location, budget and availability.

“For those who provide fitness services, especially independent gyms and personal training facilities, marketing and advertising costs are high, and return on investment is difficult to measure. Fitap is an affordable, measurable and accessible alternative,” Dean said.

“We are excited to share more with people in the coming months as this is a game-changer in the industry and we thank those who have supported us on this journey since our beta launch in 2020, particularly well-known business and sports stars who have contributed to our successful fundraiser recently, raising more than 200,000 pounds sterling.

Alex and Gareth – the main members of the rugby union at Ospreys and Wales – echoed those comments and believe Fitap will help build a more active and engaged community in Wales.

“Currently, there is no one set place for people to explore their health and fitness options, so the app will fill that void,” Alex said.

“Everyone is different and this includes where they are in their health and exercise journey, so this will give them an easy-to-use alternative to searching the internet in hopes of finding something suitable.

“We are passionate about helping others be fit, happy and healthy, so it is great to be able to re-launch Fitap to the market.”

Gareth added: “In addition to physical health, the mental health of consumers is very important to us – particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation – so we have a free section where organizations can promote and share their mental health awareness information and activities.

“The app will support users with a bespoke experience and give fitness providers a platform to connect with them directly, so they can announce discounts and offers, and help move the health and fitness industry into a modern and tech-savvy audience.

The fitness classes offered range from gym classes and tennis lessons to whitewater kayaking and rugby summer camps for kids, both online and offline – the range is broad and comprehensive.

“We’re all happy with the feedback we’ve received so far because that’s exactly what the industry has been waiting for, so watch this space!”

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